17 Desember 2019


Welcome to iCOMERA 2020

The International Conference on Mechanical Engineering Research and Application (iCOMERA) is a global event focuses on advance Mechanical Engineering Research and Application. The iCOMERA provides a veritable glimpse into the future by bringing together some of the global brightest minds. Together we can transform our world for the better.

The 1st iCOMERA was successfully held in October 2018 (conference proceeding is here). And now the 2nd ICOMERA is coming to you…


About ICOMERA 2020

We proudly present the 2nd iCOMERA in 2020. The iCOMERA 2020 is organised and hosted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brawijaya University, Indonesia and co-organised by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia and National Sun Yat Sen University of Taiwan. The event will be held in Malang, Indonesia, on October 7 – 9, 2020.

The iCOMERA 2020 presents research result and industrial findings. The iCOMERA 2020 provides great opportunity for global industrial executives, practitioners, scientists, academicians, scientists for sharing of knowledge, exchanging of ideas in all aspects of mechanical and industrial engineering. The iCOMERA 2020 also provides opportunity and room for focus group discussion among stakeholders to address the current and future global challenge particularly in industry. We therefore invite scientists, practitioners, students, industrial executives, government officials, and startups to gather and discuss the research result and industrial challenge particularly related to mechanical and industrial engineering. As of today, several executives and practitioners from leading global industry already confirmed to participate in the iCOMERA 2020. You therefore should not miss this tremendous opportunity for establishing further business cooperation and partnership.

We also cordially invite authors to contribute to conference by submitting papers that illustrate research results and industrial challenge to address current and future global challenge in the following area, but are not limited to materials & metallurgy, design, energy conversion, energy conservation, manufacturing, and industrial engineering. Authors can submit high-quality and previously unpublished manuscripts that explore one or more conference topics. Author guideline is available here.

Presentation schedule

On behalf of conference committee we are thankful for your interest and participation in iCOMERA 2020 held by the Mechanical Engineering of the University of Brawijaya. We are honored to announce that there are more than 200 magnificent papers in this conference and detail schedule for synchronized (live) and unsynchronized (video) presentation for these papers is available in this link: new schedule of iCOMERA 2020. Number of papers in the above schedule refers to the LoA sent to each author.

For your convenience, the presentation is scheduled as following:

  • Day 1 (October 7, 2020): Keynote speaker session and all synchronized (live) presentations.
  • Day 2 (October 8, 2020): All unsynchronized (video) presentations

The following guidance is used for synchronized (live) presentation on Day 1:

  • Each presentation is 10 minutes at maximum, followed by discussion max. 5 minutes
  • Presenters should have ZOOM and good internet connection during presentation and discussion
  • The presenter is recommended to use the power point template provided for this conference.

Should you already have sent any video to the committee but are still scheduled in the synchronized (live) presentation on Day 1, it is our pleasure to wait for your feedback until October 1, 2020

Please be advised that only conference papers with presentation, either live or video presentation, can be published in the proceeding and will be awarded with a certificate as presenter. For any further question or information request, including the presentation schedule, we are pleased to be contacted at WA number 08383 1102 198 AND email samsul@ub.ac.id

Online Conference

On behalf of iCOMERA 2020 committee we are also thankful for your participation in iCOMERA 2020 and we welcome you to the conference. The next process of our conference is preparation of presentation. In this iCOMERA 2020, there are two possibilities of presentation provided with following guidance:

  1. Asynchronous method
  • Presentation is maximum 10 minutes without any discussion
  • Authors are free to use any video maker software, e.g. Bandicam, OBS or Power point.
  • Video size is limited to 100 MB
  • Whenever possible, please record the presenter face and laid at the right-bottom corner of presentation (an example is in this picture below)
  • The video of your asynchronous presentation can be sent to our dedicated email address: icomeravideo@gmail.com with title of email: Asynchronous “Title of paper”, for example: Asynchronous “Simulation for crash box”
  • The video should be sent prior to September 15, 2020. In case no video is sent before September 15, 2020; the committee preserves the right to assume that the presentation will be in synchronous method.

  1. Synchronous (live presentation) method
  • Presentation is maximum 10 minutes and discussion is maximum 10 minutes
  • Please ensure that presenter has good internet connection during live presentation

The IOP publisher entailed that only paper with presentation, either synchronous or asynchronous method, can be published in the proceeding. The committee preserves also the copyright of video presentation as conference documentation.

Power Point template for presentation is available in this link:  Template presentation iCOMERA 2020

Online conference

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the iCOMERA 2020 will be held as online conference. The author can present the paper via one of these two methods:

1. Synchronized method
The author makes live presentation through the online conference system provided by the conference committee.

2. Asynchronized method
The author creates presentation video which will be sent to the conference committee. The committee is then responsible to broadcast this video.

Since the committee already received significant donation from sponsor, there is significant decrease for registration fee for presenting author, i.e. 1.45 Million rupiahs/paper for the early bird registration. More information about the new payment information is available here

Important date

Paper submission deadline

Aug 31, 2020

Announcement of paper acceptance

September 14, 2020


Early bird registration

before Aug 15, 2020


Normal registration

Aug 15 – October 4, 2020


Conference date

October 7 – 9, 2020

Publication index

Publication policy

All accepted paper with registration and presentation will be published in IOP Materials Science and Engineering (SCOPUS indexed proceeding). Selected papers will be published in:

Keynote and Invited Speaker 

iCOMERA 2020 keynote speakers

iCOMERA 2020 invited speakers

Click on the keynote and invited speaker’s name to get more information. They welcome for any discussion regarding continued education and research activity in their institutions. 

Conference Topic

Themes for iCOMERA 2020 is

Innovative Research in Engineering for The 21st Century.




Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Brawijaya
Jalan MT. Haryono 167

Malang 65145
East java – Indonesia




Contact person

Dr.-Ing. Victor Yuardi Risonarta, ST., M.Sc.
WA/ Mobile: + 62 8383 110 2198

Dr. Eng. Moch. Agus Choiron, ST., MT.
WA/ Mobile: + 62 821 3924 9937

Moch. Syamsul Ma’arif , ST., MT.
WA/ Mobile: + 62 812 4935 8701


Email: icomera@ub.ac.id